Make Roman Shades

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Draw a pencil line between these two places along the entire width of the fabric using a yard stick.

Make roman shades. One piece should measure the height of your window plus the top length plus a few inches because you ll be threading that piece of cord up the left side and over the top to meet the other cord on the top right side of the shade. Stitch brass rings to shade in four columns. You ll need to divide your cord in two.

Making your own roman shades is a great way to save money because let s be honest custom roman shades are expensive. You need the following supplies to make these shades. Measure cut and pin the fabric to ensure it is the right size.

Unlike stationary examples this tutorial shows you how to sew a roman blind from scratch so that it functions with built in strings. You ll then want to add plastic loops to the battens and attach a cord so you can open and close the shade. To make a roman shade cut a piece of wood to fit across the top of your window opening.

Lay the fabric out on a flat surface with the lining side facing up. The other piece should measure the. Measure 8 up from the bottom at each side edge.

Get the fabric supplies you need at onlinefabricstore. Thread cord through rings lock and tassel and knot before mounting the shade. Roman shade tricks and tips.

A piece of fabric that is about 4 inches wider than your window and 16 inches longer. Roman shades are ideal for narrow windows in kitchens where floor length drapes don t make sense. Look for a fabric in the home decor section of a fabric store which tends to stock these heavier fabrics.

Measure 9 1 2 up from the bottom at each side edge. Draw a pencil line between these two places along the entire width of the fabric using a yard stick. In our house to date we ve made four roman shades in our endeavors with diy curtains.

If you are making roman shades without dowels you can skip this step and go on to the next one. Diy roman shades are a fantastic way to decorate windows that lack the space for hanging curtains. Then select a decorator weight fabric to make the shade out of.

The folds in the shade are formed by cords threaded through brass rings which are stitched directly to the fabric. 7 yards of traverse cord or roman shade cord. Use a disappearing ink pen to mark rows every eight to 12 inches as you would for a classic shade.

When selecting fabric choose one that will hold the folds nicely and filter sunlight while providing privacy. How to make diy roman shades with blinds starting with a mini blind 9 the home depot helps structure your diy roman shade. Christina from the diy mommy wanted to add a personal touch and some privacy to her kitchen so she opted to add plaid roman shades.

Don t sew your rings tie them plus many other time saving tips.

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